TIER 1 CLP STICK™ 5 pack

TIER 1 CLP STICK™ 5 pack

  • $ 14.45

TIER 1 CLP STICK™ is patent pending and easy to apply, pocket size dry lubricant that applies onto your firearm similar to the operation of chapstik or a glue stick.  Our CLP Paste seeps into the metal's pores and seasons the metal, leading to much shorter cleaning times.  Just heat the metal parts you wish to treat until they feel warm (a hair dryer works well) then rub TIER 1 CLP Paste.  Let cool then wipe off and you're good to go.  Applies in minutes, protects for months.

Heat metal parts until warm to the touch and apply to all surfaces of your firearm to:

  • Clean dirt, oil, and powder fouling
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Prevent rust from forming on metal surfaces


To achieve maximum results, remove all previous lubricants and/or packing greases/oils before applying TIER 1 CLP, BIO CLP, and CLP Paste.  We recommend using TIER 1 BIO Solvent or TIER 1 BIO Degreaser.


(5) TIER 1 CLP Paste in a .15oz twist-to-apply tube.  Excellent for cleaning, lubricating, and preventing rust on the go.

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