.380 Projectiles, Bullets for Reloading

100gr .380 Coated Projectiles

  • $ 72.00

1000 of our 100gr .380 projectiles.  These are polymer coated lead bullets.  Our .380 projectiles are perfect for plinking, target, competition, or any other use.  This is a completely custom bullet of our own design.  These are specifically designed to run in blowback pistols and subguns.  These bullets are unsized so they will give you a perfect fit across your .380 collection.  This sounds out of the norm, but when you taper crimp your bullet that will finish the last bit of compression the projectile needs to give a solid seal in your bore.  This means a .380 load that is accurate and will cycle in any .380 pistol, which are notoriously finicky with ammo.  Furthermore the coated bullet will wipe your barrel clean with each shot, making lead fouling and copper residue are a thing of the past.

Please be aware that these projectiles require that the cartridge case be belled to properly load.  This means taking an extra step to flare the case mouth so the coated lead will not be shaved off during the loading process.  These projectiles are not jacketed and need to be loaded in the same manner as cast bullets.

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