300 Blackout Brass for Reloading

300 Blackout Brass

  • $ 150.00
  • Save $ 10

Our 300 Blackout Brass is converted from once fired US Military brass.  It is passivated twice, meaning our brass is more corrosion resistant than tumbled brass.  We use a proprietary in-house case cleaning solution that means there is never any dust, dirt, or media to contaminate your brass and risk damaging your dies.

300 Blackout Brass is available in 300, 1000, and 2000 count sizes.

Discounted Projectiles and Brass combos are available in Combo Packs.

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Our brass is purchased from military auctions then sorted for foreign material and brass.  It is then washed, flash dried, and prepared for our cutting process.  We use a custom designed setup and process that deprimes, swages, trims, and sizes the brass to slightly under SAAMI specifications.  This results in brass that can be fired and reloaded a few times before you need to be retrim (you should however always check that any brass you resize on your own meets SAAMI specs, as sizing lengthens brass).  We then check, rewash, inspect, and bag our brass so its ready to reload fresh out of the bag.

Headstamps can vary due to the nature of military auction purchased; however, we only use NATO contract brass.  This means no civilian .223 from police or civilian ranges.  NATO headstamps are normally LC, WCC, FC, TAA, and a few select others.  NATO contract brass is the go to for converted Blackout as the case walls are the proper thickness to be reformed into case necks, meaning you can load and not have chambering issues.  We thoroughly inspect our brass to make sure you get a high quality product at a low price.  There can be occasional minor dents and dings on the brass but that is the nature of converted military brass and anything that would be unsafe to load has been culled before packaging.  Our brass is then bagged with an overage insuring you get more than you paid for every time.

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