300 Blackout Projectiles, Bullets for Reloading

203gr 300 Blackout Projectiles

  • $ 70.00
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500, 1000, or 2000 of our signature subsonic optimized 300 Blackout projectiles.  These are polymer coated lead bullets.  Our 300 Blackout projectiles are specifically designed for subsonic application on both AR platforms and bolt action rifles.  They work well in both metal and polymer AR magazines and feed well with AR15 and m4 feed ramps.

Shoot suppressed 9mm too?  We have 147gr 9mm Projectiles!

Please be aware that these projectiles require that the cartridge case be belled to properly load.  This means taking an extra step to flare the case mouth so the coated lead will not be shaved off during the loading process.  These projectiles are not jacketed and need to be loaded in the same manner as cast bullets. 

We have 300 Blackout Brass available here.

Too lazy to load?  We have ammo ready to go: Palmetto Munitions

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