300 Blackout Brass and Projectiles, Bullets for Reloading

300 Blackout Projectiles and Brass

  • $ 70.00
  • Save $ 8

Subsonic 300 Blackout projectiles and brass, ready to reload!  Palmetto Projectiles now has combo packs for those of you looking for subsonic projectiles and brass.  Our combo packs are priced to give you a discount compared to buying brass and projectiles separately. 

We have 200, 500, and 1000 Combo Packs, each containing brass and projectiles.  We always pack over the amount you order to make sure you have enough to set up your press without cutting into your shooting supply!  Our brass is held to the same high standards as our projectiles and our Combo Packs are ready to load straight out of the box.  Originating from NATO brass headstamps may vary; however we only use military auction brass.  No civilian or police range .223 here.

Please be aware that these projectiles require that the cartridge case be belled to properly load.  This means taking an extra step to flare the case mouth so the coated lead will not be shaved off during the loading process.  These projectiles are not jacketed and need to be loaded in the same manner as cast bullets. 

Too lazy to load?  We have ammo ready to go: Palmetto Munitions

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