TIER 1 BIO Solvent 4oz

TIER 1 BIO Solvent 4oz

  • $ 16.95

TIER 1 BIO Solvent has an all natural, biodegradable formula designed to clean your firearms as it protects the environment.  Great for cleaning lightly soiled firearms.  Best used to prepare your firearm for the application of TIER 1 CLP, BIO CLP, and CLP Paste.  Our BIO line of firearms lubricants and cleaners are all non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and food safe.


To achieve maximum results, use TIER 1 BIO Solvent or BIO Degreaser to remove all previous lubricants and/or packing greases/oils before applying TIER 1 CLP, BIO CLP, CLP Paste, and Gun Wipes.


TIER 1 BIO Solvent in a 4oz bottle with a disc top cap.

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