TIER 1 BIO Solvent 8oz

TIER 1 BIO Solvent 8oz

  • $ 26.95

TIER 1 BIO Solvent has an all natural, biodegradable formula designed to clean your firearms as it protects the environment.  Our BIO line of firearms lubricants and cleaners are all non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and food safe.  Great for cleaning lightly soiled firearms.  Best used to prepare your firearm for the application of TIER 1 CLP, BIO CLP, and CLP Paste.


To achieve maximum results, use TIER 1 BIO Solvent or BIO Degreaser to remove all previous lubricants and/or packing greases/oils before applying TIER 1 CLP, BIO CLP, CLP Paste, and Gun Wipes.


TIER 1 BIO Solvent in a 8oz bottle with a disc top cap and an included pump sprayer.  

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